SharePoint has been a part of our IT Engineering skill set for several years, as we’ve done major On-Premises SharePoint infrastructure projects, including server farm / back-end Installation and Maintenance for Enterprise-level environments.

Sharepoint Collaboration: A Fresh Start for Small Business

SharePoint Online O365

Now, we’re excited to introduce a new approach that helps make SharePoint more accessible and easier to implement for our small business clients. Many small businesses are using Office 365 for their corporate Email and OneDrive storage, yet aren’t using SharePoint… even though it’s included along in the user licenses they’re already paying for.

In some cases, organizations aren’t using SharePoint simply because they aren’t aware of its capabilities, or its potential as a platform for streamlined collaboration and integration with OneDrive storage.  For others, the vast configuration options are intimidating because they are beyond the business’ capabilities to set up and maintain.

We know your focus is on managing your business, not managing your IT systems. Seitel Systems is happy to help optimize your business productivity and navigate the SharePoint Online implementation process with our Office 365 Collaboration Practices.

  • SharePoint Online Infrastructure Design

    Building a solid foundation for your organization.

  • Collaboration Solution Planning

    Designing collaboration processes around your team’s unique needs.

  • SharePoint Project and Support Services

    Refine and improve systems dynamically over time.

Our SharePoint consultants understand that when you’re talking about collaboration solutions, one size does not fit all—we seek to understand your company’s priorities and goals, and how your team uses technology and performs essential tasks. We then analyze, design and automate business processes and workflows using Microsoft’s SharePoint platform and related collaboration applications to give your staff the best possible work experience.

Seitel Systems will work with you to document your day-to-day workflow and content organization and will coach you through the content discovery and information architecture processes as necessary. We can also deliver in-person training to help your business get up to speed on the new collaboration solutions and foster user acceptance.

We’re happy to introduce a SharePoint Strategic Design Consulting package that provides exceptional value, starting the conversation about SharePoint and developing plans for how you can leverage this underutilized resource to make your business more dynamic, more efficient, and more adaptable.

Please reach out if you’re interested in learning more – we offer a free no-obligation consultation with one of our SharePoint experts.