The newest member of Seitel Systems’ sales team will already be familiar to many of our clients; Katie Malik has been a key member of our administrative staff for many years. She has worn so many hats during her time with us that Peter Seitel simply nicknamed her The Diva* – both for the diversity of her skills and the outstanding quality of work she produces.

Katie is one of our longest-tenured employees, dating back to 2001. Peter remembers when she first joined Seitel Leeds & Associates (predecessor to Seitel Systems), “Katie was just a bright-eyed college student when we first hired her. I remember she started sending out company announcements in the form of original poetry. Great stuff – and it made everyone pay attention in a fun way. We even “commissioned” her to write a company song for the summer picnic!”

Katie started working full time for SLA as Bookkeeper in 2002, and in 2005 she became Billing Coordinator as a liaison between the project managers, account managers, and admin. In that role she trained in basic project management and also earned an ITIL Foundations certification, showing her understanding of IT organization and processes.

katieWhen Peter created Seitel Systems to serve small and medium-sized firms, he turned to Katie to set up brand new accounting systems and internal processes for the company. She subsequently acted as Finance and HR Manager as we grew from seven employees in 2007 to thirty-one at the beginning of 2015. That growth made it necessary for us to add another Account Manager and more formally manage marketing for the firm. Katie was a natural choice for both roles, combining her long experience with us, knowledge of all aspects of our business, her great writing and communications skills, and her desire to work more directly with our clients.

“In my time at Seitel Systems I’ve been growing as the company has, learning about what we do and understanding the technical services we offer. My favorite part of the job became communicating with our clients and making things work more smoothly, so I’m excited that this new role lets me focus exclusively on that.”

When not out working with clients and prospects, Katie can be found mostly in our Tacoma office. Her focus will be on small-to-medium sized businesses who use Seitel Systems outsourced IT support services. She understands the needs of smaller organizations and the challenges that they face in keeping their IT reliable and secure so that they can focus on “doing the work” of their business.

“A lot of small businesses feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to IT. They need technology in order to run their business, but managing it can become this huge drain on time and resources. So things get ignored or put off until something really critically goes wrong, and then they end up spending much more than they would have if they’d been proactive about managing their IT.

“Having a trustworthy IT partner that can keep systems updated, supported, and secure makes their world a lot better. And even more than that, they can start to see how technology becomes less of an obstacle to contend with and more of a tool that can help their business grow.”

In the continuously-evolving IT world it’s rare for someone make a career with just one employer; even more so for Katie’s peers at the cusp of the X and Millennial generations. But Katie explains that the leadership and the quality of fellow-staff at Seitel Systems are what has made her an employee for the long haul.

“I like the way that Peter does business – his ethics, the way he treats his customers, the way he values his employees. I think the culture that the owners have created makes this a place that really cares about doing good work. I’m not a salesperson by nature – I wouldn’t be able to work in a job selling widgets or just any old thing – I really have to believe that we have a valuable service that people need. I’m excited when I talk to people about what we do, and how we can help them.”

Katie Malik

*In Katie’s “double life” outside of Seitel Systems she is an opera singer and former international TV star. Yes, really – click links for proof!