IT Roadmap

Technology planning and high-level design

High-level IT design aligns your technology plan with your business objectives.

On the heels of an IT Assessment, or as a standalone project, we can develop a forward-looking architectural design that leverages the best of your existing infrastructure and blends it with current and expected technology solutions.  We call this an “IT Roadmap” to help you guide your technology from where it stands today to where it can best serve your unique business needs.

Seitel Systems will work with your team, through a whiteboard session or other collaborative setting.  Based on our conversations, we will design an architecture to include recommendations on whether – and how best – to incorporate the following solutions:

  • Cloud-hosted email, telephony, messaging and collaboration services
  • Advanced virtualization solutions with hybridized onsite and hosted services
  • Solutions for offsite or cloud-hosted disaster recovery
  • Cloud-hosted backup and disaster recovery
  • Virtual desktops hosted either onsite or offsite

This collaborative design process will be documented in the form of two deliverables:

  • Current and future server and network topology diagrams
  • Narrative describing services recommended for inclusion and those not recommended, plus budgetary estimates for equipment and services needed to implement the new architecture

Once you have an IT Roadmap design, our IT Project services are available for detailed design and implementation. We can provide standalone engineering and project management services, or come alongside your in-house IT department to provide specific technology expertise.   Learn more >

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