IT Projects

Detailed Design & Implementation Services

Our technical experts have a deep and diverse track record of successful IT Projects.

Seitel Systems helps organizations expand their network capabilities to meet new functional and business requirements. Our Network Engineers have the skills and experience to provide both the technical and project management expertise necessary to ensure your project’s success. Whether you need to design and implement a new system or need temporary augmentation of your own IT staff, we can provide qualified and skilled network administration personnel. For a specific project, for a set period of time, or for a variety of supplemental support services, we offer:

  • Project Engineering and Management
    Seitel Systems provides comprehensive project engineering and management services, including project definition, design, planning, procurement, installation, testing, and deployment.
  • Project Support
    Our team can integrate with your internal technical staff to inject either specialized skills and/or additional bandwidth to ensure your project’s timely success.
  • Staff Augmentation
    Our team can fill in the gaps when members of your team are on vacation, military leave, sick leave or other absences from the workplace.

Seitel Systems works diligently to ensure that your project is on schedule, stays within budget, and adheres to the defined scope. Our skilled technology project management resources promote efficiency and guide projects to completion without sacrificing thoroughness. We help you avoid risks that can threaten project success.

A successful IT Project implementation includes a transition to everyday operations. Protect your IT investment with a maintenance and support plan that will keep your systems healthy in the long run. Check out our Tripod IT Support options for servers & workstations, and end-user helpdesk support. Learn more >

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