Our Favorite IT Resources for Non-Profits

Our Favorite IT Resources for Non-Profits.

At Seitel Systems, we understand that your donors care about where their money goes, and they want to maximize the impact of every dollar they donate. From our deep and varied experience working with leading non-profits in the Seattle area, we know how technology can help your organization run efficiently and effectively—maximizing the impact of every dollar donated to your cause. 

We have helped our non-profit clients leverage discount programs to get the best prices possible on dependable, high-quality products. Here are two of our favorite programs:

Tech for Social Impact:

Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact program offers heavily discounted to free offers on licensing for non-profit organizations. We recommend starting with their 10 free Office365 Business Premium licenses, but explore their full offering to find the tool that meets your unique needs.

With these Business Premium licenses, make sure to take advantage of their included Teams licensing to coordinate your team internally. 


TechSoup helps non-profits take advantage of various hardware, software, and service donation programs from all sorts of technology manufacturers. We recommend them as your first stop before making any upcoming hardware or software purchases.

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