Here’s How We Are Supporting Our CPA & Accounting Clients During Tax Season

The season leading up to and immediately following Tax Day is a high-stress time for our CPA and accounting clients. We use our familiarity with the industry to adjust our services and partner with them to succeed. Here’s how we do it:

Create a Stable Window:

We cease to make any large system updates or changes from February through May. This avoids the risk of losing any vital work or crashing the system.

Provide Rapid Reactive Services:

In case a technical issue does arise, our IT Service Desk is ready to assist. As always, you will be connected to a real human, not a voicemail tree! Our efficient ticket management system and workflow allow us to quickly prioritize urgent needs and assign them to the appropriate technician or field engineer. This process minimizes downtime, which is crucial for CPA & accounting firms during this time.

Minimize Security Risks:

In addition to avoiding and quickly restoring technical errors during tax season, a large concern of our CPA clients is keeping their clients’ private financial information secure. Like with all our clients, we use top-of-the-line security software. From our deep and varied experience, we know how to secure your IT systems and minimize risk—so your clients can trust that their private financial data is in good hands.

Supply Reliable Proactive Maintenance:

A key aspect of creating stable IT systems during tax season is reliable proactive IT maintenance throughout the year. Our systems and staff keep track of the health of your systems and perform necessary routine maintenance to ensure potential problems are addressed before they emerge.

If you have any questions about how we could meet your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out!

“Seitel Systems cares about your business and values creating a relationship with you to make sure they are meeting your company needs.” – WSCPA

Seitel Systems occasionally provides CPE-eligible IT webinars to the WSCPA; watch for our events on your member schedule.