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We could talk all day about the values we hold, or the quality of work we do –
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GGLO Design


“Seitel Systems consistently provides great service and they have great technical knowledge.”

“All the techs have been great but I would like to single out our primary engineer’s top notch knowledge and work on our virtual systems.”

Barry Hohstadt

Director of Information Systems, GGLO Design


“Seitel Systems helped us set up an office from the ground up in just over two months.  They consulted on every aspect of our technology infrastructure, from our decision to go cloud-based, to the equipment and services we bought, to setting up user accounts and email aliases.  They also worked closely with our staff in converting thousands of files from as far back as 1998 from a shared drive environment into a logical, streamlined Sharepoint system.

Seitel Systems provided outstanding service on a short timeframe to get us up and running, and continues to provide quick, competent and friendly service for our workstations. They are large enough to serve all our technology needs, but small enough to feel like they’re your company’s own IT department and co-workers.”

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(Reference available upon request)


“Seitel Systems has a done a great job at helping us formulate and implement our overall technology strategy. The technology and network assessment uncovered numerous opportunities to improve security, stability and general best practices in our IT operating environment. Their helpdesk support receives consistently high marks from our staff. Since we outsource 100% of our IT support their responsiveness and effectiveness are critical to our operations.”

Chris Jones

Chief Financial Officer, Seneca Group
Seattle Aquarium


“In April of 2015, my onsite IT team (Database Manager and onsite Helpdesk) left to pursue other interests and I had to make a decision on whether to table or proceed on a complex phone system replacement.  With Seitel Systems’ help, we managed to continue the deployment as well as keep all major systems operating in such a manner that most end users were unaffected.

“[Seitel Systems is] motivated to help their clients be successful, not to push a certain product or solution. I would also mention that their internal culture is one that promotes longevity as we’ve witnessed very little turnover in our seven years of association.”

Ryan Dean

Director of Finance & AdministrationSeattle Aquarium


“Seitel Systems has been managing our servers and networking system since 2012. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Seitel’s team of experts. The response time, level of expertise, one-on-one training & support is commendable. Seitel Systems has done a tremendous job of maintaining our servers and making sure that all our locations are functional with little to no down time. I highly recommend Seitel Systems for any IT support and will continue to use their services for our business in future!”

Shaista Khan

General Manager, NVL Laboratories
Puget Sound Regional Council


“When we had a network storm crash our network, Veeam, and Outlook systems, Seitel Systems put all hands on deck until we got back on-line.”

Jerry Harless

IT & Facilities Program Manager
Puget Sound Regional Council
Woodinville Water


“I would recommend Seitel Systems to a friend because they know IT and really seem to care about their clients.  They are open to feedback and strive to be fair and have satisfied clients.  In cases of an emergency or critical issues they do whatever it takes to assist.

“We have had a few critical network problems that required an immediate response. Seitel Systems has quickly reassigned resources to quickly resolve the issues, as well as they have worked late into the night to ensure our network was back to working order.”

Darcie McAlister

IT & Customer Service Manager
Woodinville Water District
OAC Services


“Seitel Systems brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to OAC allowing them to support all of our IT needs. From developing our company IT strategy down to assisting end users with computer issues, Seitel Systems provides exceptional service. The Seitel Systems team is reliable, timely, and a pleasure to work with. The constant monitoring and maintenance of our network and end user computers provides comfort in knowing that we are better prepared to serve our clients.

“In an industry where ‘up time’ is the measure of success, it is the response during a down time that has me most impressed with Seitel Systems.  A few years ago our entire network crashed leaving us without access to our email and network, which like for most companies is the backbone of our business. Seitel Systems worked tirelessly, including nights and weekends, to get us back up and running. They effectively communicated progress updates and were ultimately responsible for bringing us back to the same state we were in before the crash.

“It is important to note that Seitel Systems had only recently begun managing our network and inherited the unknown problems that resulted in the crash. However, their response to the crash reaffirmed our choice in selecting Seitel Systems to manage our network.”

Jason Porter

Director of Finance, OAC Services


“Your employees… were consistently customer service oriented and thoroughly helpful. Each placed an emphasis on understanding the city’s requirements and provided knowledgeable recommendations in context of the city’s needs. When options became available they took the time to patiently describe the pros and cons, explain their experiences with various circumstances, and were willing to work with us in implementing the upgrades. They were conscious of our budget, and mindful of the cost of the project.

I have had the opportunity over a 40 year career to work with many outside vendors. Your team rates among the best that I have worked with. You should be quite proud of these individuals who reflect so favorably on your firm. Our Mayor and Council members are quite pleased with the outcome of the project and I am grateful for all of your team’s good work.”

Allan Martin

City Treasurer, City of Port Orchard


“The challenge our firm faces is that we are big enough to need a network with specific functionality, but not big enough to require a full-time IT staff person. Seitel Systems provides the perfect solution; they have the technical expertise and mindshare we need coupled with flexibility in the level of support.  They are really responsive, prioritizing important issues that arise and dealing with them quickly and effectively.

“I also appreciate their detailed follow-up and preventive maintenance; more than once this has helped us avoid major problems with our network.  A lot of companies these days make claims about customer service and looking out for the best interest of their clients, but Seitel Systems can be trusted to do what they say and for a competitive price.

“Outstanding customer service!  From the help desk to the lead IT engineer Seitel Systems always delivers what they promised and more.

Darryl Nelson

Chief Operations Officer
20-person law firm (name confidential)

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