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IT support made simple.

Seitel Systems Outsourced IT Support includes network, server, cloud, and desktop support services. You can choose to partially or fully outsource your IT support to us – with our Service Desk as a single point of contact for your IT team, and/or your end-users. 

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – so our IT support approach couples proactive maintenance plans with the responsive support that your employees need to do their best work every day.

 “how do we keep our systems healthy in the long run?”

We understand that keeping your systems running smoothly (and your staff happy) takes a team effort.  

Our IT Support plans are informed by our years of experience working in a wide range of IT environments. We designed these plans around the Security, Reliability, and Performance (SRP) elements we have seen translate to SMB IT success in the real world.

Understanding the relationship between proactive maintenance and responsive support is crucial to your company’s IT Support success. Our Proactive Support plans, which we call SRP Support, keep your systems tuned up on a regular basis, much like scheduled maintenance on your car helps keep it running well throughout its usable life. But responsive Incident Support is also necessary because while proactive maintenance prevents a lot of issues—it can’t eliminate them entirely. Our Service Desk gives you a single point of contact for both Proactive and Incident Support. 

Our comprehensive approach to IT Support includes: 


Service Desk Management

A central point of contact for alert triage, incident management and troubleshooting.


Next-Generation Security

Defend your data against cyberattacks with behavior-based intrusion detection and forensics.

Remote Monitoring

Agents on all servers and workstations generate reports and send alerts if issues need urgent attention.

Password Management

Evolve beyond unsecure spreadsheets and sticky notes with a secure password portal.


Automated Updates

Scheduled updates to servers and workstations ensure your systems are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches.

Scheduled Support

If you need onsite resources, we can provide scheduled visits for maintenance by an assigned IT engineer.

Seitel Systems offers three IT Support plans that include all the remote and onsite resources that you need to proactively manage your systems. We designed these tiers around the way you do business, to give your team all the outsourced resources you need⁠—and nothing you don’t.

seamless user support

Your users can call or email us directly when they need support.

Plus, with streamlined ticket management, your internal IT team can seamlessly hand off tickets to our Service Desk for resolution.

Think you can't afford cybersecurity defense?

think again.

For years, the cybersecurity industry has overlooked SMBs as too "small potatoes" for robust security solutions, and most SMBs think they can't afford effective cyberdefense strategies.

At Seitel Systems, we have next generation intrusion detection and response capabilities that you won't find in our competitors. Not only that, we've baked them into our affordable SRP proactive support packages . . . for as few as 10 workstations.

We keep your systems healthy and secure.

In our decades of experience, we’ve learned what technologies real businesses need to succeed. Our SRP support packages include all the tools and technical expertise you need to meet your business goals.

No cut corners.

no hidden agendas.

We don’t resell hardware or softwareso you can trust our recommendations. We are dedicated to providing the best advice we can without any vested interest or vendor bias.

Case Study: Ferndale School District

Learn how Ferndale School District outsourced IT to Seitel Systems, streamlining support for staff… and students, too.

proactive IT support with Exceptional Value.

From our Lite package of management tools for your in-house team, to our Essentials adding Service Desk management, to Complete outsourced support . . . we have a plan to meet your needs.

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