About Us

A true-blue IT leader in the greater Seattle area since 1990

There is one central principle that guides everything we do at Seitel Systems:

Treat our clients and employees like real human beings.

Yes, business is business. But we believe that more than that, a successful business is a collection of like-minded people who have a shared expertise, passion, or mission that unifies their work.

Our expertise is in solving technical problems, and our unifying purpose is to creating solid IT infrastructure that allows businesses to flourish by freeing teams to focus on what they do best.

  • We believe in taking care of our clients and our employees, and investing in long-term relationships.
  • We believe in keeping things as simple as possible, using best practices and established industry standard solutions.
  • We believe in the value of an objective expert opinion, and that our advice to clients should be unbiased by an interest in selling hardware or software.

This philosophy has served us well since our founding in 1990, and continues to drive us today.

Meet (Part of) the Team

Our team includes over 30 technical personnel across three offices in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham. We are proud of the quality of work life we’ve created here, and the camaraderie you’ll find among our team.

Everyone on our team plays a vital role in supporting our brand and our way of doing business. As a result we set high standards for not just technical skills, but also for inter-personal skills, initiative and overall commitment to the larger client and Seitel Systems’ team.

Check out the biographies of some of our team members and leaders below, and you’ll immediately sense the difference. Our clients look to us first to keep their technology infrastructure happy & healthy, but they also look to us to be their trusted advisor and colleague.

David has served in a variety of engineering, software development and executive roles in the technology business since 1989. After hours you’ll typically find him playing soccer or cheering on the Sounders.

David Leonhardt, Managing Partner

Martin has been a part of the Seitel Systems “family” since 1997. He is sought out as a trusted advisor when clients need to find solutions to their IT problems… and also for his famous homemade tamales.

Martin Rodriguez, Sales Manager

Judi is a team-oriented manager and creator of legendary “ice cream sandwich day” at the Service Desk. During off hours you can often find her cheering on her kids on the volleyball or basketball court.

Judi Baker, Service Desk Manager

No cut corners.
No hidden agendas.

Transparency matters to us at Seitel Systems. We don’t resell hardware or softwareso you can trust our recommendations. We are dedicated to providing the best advice we can without any vested interest or vendor bias.

We maintain Microsoft Partner competencies in the technologies our clients need most so that we have access to partner-only benefits for our clients. But unlike our competitors, we opt-out of referral fee programs so that we can keep our objectivity in the recommendations we make to our clients.  

Let's grab a cup of coffee.

We don't do high-pressure sales pitches, but we'd love an opportunity to get to know you.

We have offices in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellingham, and can meet you anywhere in the greater Puget Sound area.