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Seitel Systems helps our clients adopt a comprehensive IT security posture, from our detailed assessments, to the systems we build, to the management tools we use to keep your valuable data safe.

It starts with engineering secure IT systems from the ground up. Then, integrating proactive security management into your day-to-day IT operations. And finally, providing next-generation intrusion detection and forensic tools that make enterprise-level protection affordable to every one of our clients, no matter how small. 

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The threat is real.
So is the solution.

These days, IT security is a top concern of every savvy business owner and manager. If you’re a leader at a small or medium-sized business, odds are good that you have direct knowledge of a partner firm, a competitor or even a client that has had a very bad computer day.

The cold hard reality is that today’s security foes are sophisticated, seasoned professionals with a cold-blooded approach to monetizing your systems and your data against you. A ransomware or other security breach might very well be the thing that puts a company out of business. It’s not just the cost of systems recovery—assuming they are recoverable—but also loss of client trust, not to mention lost productivity and associated revenue. How does your company fare if it’s down for a week?  Two weeks?  A month?

Technology is so integral to today’s business ecosystem that it takes a top-to-bottom security posture to protect your valuable data assets. This climate demands that you take proactive steps to identify your risks, mitigate these wherever possible, and then be prepared for the moment when you find yourself in an attacker’s crosshairs.

The good news is that it IS possible to dramatically improve your odds of success in that moment—with the right guidance and expertise at hand. Seitel Systems’ team of experts has experience engineering and maintaining secure systems, creating and implementing disaster recovery plans, educating users about their role in network security, and responding to real-world threats in those high-stakes moments when everything is on the line.

Seitel Systems can help with:

Security. Reliability.

IT Security defense is essential. That’s why we’ve integrated industry-leading intrustion detection tools into our SRP Essentials and SRP Complete proactive IT support plans.

Real-time threat and intrusion detection

No matter how strong your proactive IT measures, the human element (opening the wrong e-mail attachment or visiting a compromised website) can render even the most robust systems vulnerable. Our SRP Essentials add a new dimension to anti-virus/anti-malware software to detect breaches in real-time, preventing the damage from progressing deeper into your systems.

Security alert response by Seitel Systems’ local Service Desk

Breaches aren’t just about detection; a timely and educated alert response is critical to minimize the damage. Our trained Service Desk personnel respond quickly to alerts and triage the threat, and our powerful tools allow us to kill the attack at its entry point.

Post-breach forensic analysis tools

Attempting to respond to a security breach without a good forensic toolkit is like trying to follow someone through a dark jungle without a flashlight. You need to be able to see where they went and what they did… so you can understand the extent of the damage and the steps you need to take to fix it. Forensic tools make post-breach cleanup much more efficient, greatly reducing the cost of a security incident.

Always Local

As a home-grown Seattle company, our Service Desk is  100% staffed by local techs who always answer the phone during business hours, so you don’t have any frustrating voicemail trees to navigate.

We support our local communities, and are honored that many of the Puget Sound’s most respected businesses, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, and government agencies choose Seitel Systems as their IT partner.

No cut corners.
No hidden agendas.

Transparency matters to us at Seitel Systems. We don’t resell hardware or software—so you can trust our recommendations. We are dedicated to providing the best advice we can without any vested interest or vendor bias.

We maintain Microsoft Partner competencies in the technologies our clients need most so that we have access to partner-only benefits for our clients. But unlike our competitors, we opt-out of referral fee programs so that we can keep our objectivity in the recommendations we make to our clients.  

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We have offices in Seattle and Tacoma, and serve clients all over the greater Puget Sound area.

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