Optimize your IT investment

An IT Assessment answers the question, “What do we have now, and how well is it working?”

Seitel Systems’ IT Assessment compares a snapshot of your IT environment with industry standards and best practices. We make comprehensive recommendations for improving security, reliability, and performance of your networked systems. 

Why do you need an It assessment?

Seitel Systems IT Assessment helps your organization optimize its IT investment and plan for future business needs.

Before you go making any big changes to your IT environment, you need to establish a “baseline” of health – evaluating the security, reliability, and performance of your current systems. And even if you don’t have any big upgrades planned, an IT Assessment can reveal underlying problems that may contribute to day-to-day user support issues.

Accordingly, we strongly recommend that all new Seitel Systems clients undergo an Assessment as part of the initial onboarding process. Because while we can support your users by uncovering problems as we go, we’ve found that the knowledge we gain during an Assessment makes our support team much more efficient from the get go… saving you money in the long run.

During the assessment process, we will:

The Assessment report includes:

The IT Assessment gives a detailed snapshot of where your network stands today, along with detailed recommendations for improvement of those existing systems. But if you are thinking about the future, it might make sense to plan for replacing or upgrading some of those systems rather than repairing what you’ve already got.

That’s where high-level strategic IT design comes in to the conversation. Click below to learn about the next phase, where we help you build an IT Roadmap to where your business wants to go from here.

The Best of Both Worlds

We offer a hybrid of a traditional IT Professional Services model and an MSP, giving you professional IT Managed Serviceswithout compromise.

Our affordable proactive support plans use industry-leading tools for proactive IT management. And if you need to fully outsource IT, our SRP Complete IT Support plan builds in scheduled visits for onsite maintenance. 

Think you can't afford cybersecurity defense?

think again.

For years, the cybersecurity industry has overlooked SMBs as too “small potatoes” for robust security solutions, and most SMBs think they can’t afford effective cyberdefense strategies.

At Seitel Systems, we have next generation intrusion detection and response capabilities that you won’t find in our competitors. Not only that, we’ve baked them into our affordable SRP proactive support packages . . . for as few as 10 workstations.

IT Project Expertise

We design and implement industry-leading technology solutions built for the way real businesses work. Our team is experienced in all of the most in-demand technologies, including Office 365 and Amazon Web Services cloud solutions.

No cut corners.
No hidden agendas.

Transparency matters to us at Seitel Systems. We don’t resell hardware or software—so you can trust our recommendations. We are dedicated to providing the best advice we can without any vested interest or vendor bias.

We maintain Microsoft Partner competencies in the technologies our clients need most so that we have access to partner-only benefits for our clients. But unlike our competitors, we opt-out of referral fee programs so that we can keep our objectivity in the recommendations we make to our clients.  

Always Local

As a home-grown Seattle company, our Service Desk is  100% staffed by local techs who always answer the phone during business hours, so you don’t have any frustrating voicemail trees to navigate.

We support our local communities, and are honored that many of the Puget Sound’s most respected businesses, nonprofit organizations, public utilities, and government agencies choose Seitel Systems as their IT partner.

We're in the neighborhood

We have offices in Seattle and Tacoma, and serve clients all over the greater Puget Sound area.

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