What Is the KanBan System and How Does It Improve Our Service?

What is KanBan?

KanBan originally evolved as a lean manufacturing system in Japanese auto manufacturing but has since been expanded to various industries as a method for improving communication efficiency. At Seitel Systems, we have incorporated it into our work processes in our Service Desk and Field Services to ensure our clients get timely resolutions to their needs.


How We Use It:

When needs are brought to the Service Desk, our service desk team issues a ticket to a specific Work Center based on the type of need. Each Work Center has one or more Technicians supporting it. Those Technicians can change the ticket status, from Ready to Work to Active, for example. This step allows the Technician handling the ticket and the rest of the Work Center to immediately communicate what tasks are active or need to be worked on.


Similarly, in our Field Services, two or more engineers will service Work Centers made up of a combination of clients where one or the other engineer is listed as the primary engineer. This shared service allows the other engineer to alternate in as the supporting engineer and ensures no tickets with client needs are left waiting on the capacity of a single primary engineer.

The Results:

In both instances, changing ticket status provides immediate communication to our teams on which tasks need to be worked on or not. Creating Work Centers with supporting staff and clear processes has improved our efficiency, moving tickets through at a quicker rate and reducing tasks getting lost or delayed.


The efforts we’ve taken to improve our environment and workflows enable us to spend more time partnering with our clients to improve their IT environment and workflows. This care and attention to process are part of the excellent service that sets us apart among IT service providers.


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