How outsourced IT Support is helping students learn today . . . and train for tomorrow

Ferndale School District streamlines IT Support with Seitel Systems 

FSD # 502 has two high schools, two middle schools, and five elementary schools serving approximately 4,900 students in preschool through twelfth grade. Ferndale has a district-wide 1:1 technology program to ensure that all students have access to devices that facilitate their learning.

In addition to the student devices, the District also has the necessary IT infrastructure to support approximately 700 full-time employees, including teachers, certificated staff, and classified staff. Accordingly, it takes efficient and well-managed processes to respond to the high volume of student and staff IT support tickets while simultaneously maintaining the underlying IT infrastructure.

Seitel Systems came on board to provide an outsourced IT Service Desk, giving effective support to both students and staff. This successful partnership opened the door for the creation of a Student Helpdesk—a unique opportunity for students to learn real-world IT skills through hands-on experience.