IT Security and Compliance

Security Compliance in IT

IT security and compliance become increasingly important every year as more criminals target every type of business. The number of data breaches increased by 68 percent between 2020 and 2021. Without advanced protections from an experienced IT service provider, your risk of data breaches and other issues increases.

Knowing how to choose the right IT service provider will improve your IT security and compliance. Look for the following services before you partner with a group of IT professionals.

Secure Passwords That Are Incredibly Difficult To Break

Today’s cybercriminals use hacking software to break into accounts. Given enough time, the software can discover any password. A strong password increases your IT security and compliance by making it much harder for criminals to get into a user’s account.

The most secure passwords use long, random strings of numbers, letters and special characters (such as !, $ and @). This makes it more difficult for software to find the right password. Basic hacking software will use a digital dictionary to try every word in English. If that doesn’t work, it can try popular passwords and password phrases. The more random and complex your passwords are, the more time it takes for hacking software to break them. Eventually, the criminal will decide to move on to an easier target.

Multi-Factor Authentication That Ensures Each Users Identity

Multi-factor authentication requires users to enter multiple pieces of information before they can access their accounts. For example, after an employee enters their username and password, they might need to answer a personal question (such as, “What street did you grow up on?” “What was the name of your first pet?”). Alternatively, multi-factor authentication can send a passcode to the employee’s mobile phone number, email or other personal accounts.

Access Control That Restricts User Permissions

Your IT service provider should follow the principle of least permission. The principle states that users should only have access to the data and tools that they need to do their jobs. If a sales representative doesn’t require access to a client’s payment history, their account should prevent them from accessing that data.

By controlling access to information, your IT service provider makes it harder for hackers to enter your system and find personal data. It also helps prevent employees from misusing information that isn’t relevant to their jobs.

Regular Audits To Control and Adjust User Access

A person’s job can evolve significantly while they work for you. When an employee moves to a new position, they might need to access different tools and data. Regular audits from your IT service provider ensure that their permissions match their current job duties.

Partner With an IT Service Provider That Understands Your Needs

Not all IT service providers have the experience and tools needed to keep your organization safe. Make sure you partner with a company that can exceed your security needs and prepare for the future of cybercrime.

Start your search today by reaching out to our representatives so we can discuss your company’s IT security and compliance requirements.

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