Top IT Projects Expected in 2024

Top IT Projects Expected in 2024

Based on the projects we saw increasing this past year, these are the IT projects we anticipate seeing more of in 2024. 

Network Infrastructure – Remote Access

The rise of remote work has become a lasting paradigm shift, making robust and secure remote access a top priority. Investing in network infrastructure that supports seamless remote connectivity ensures your team can work efficiently from anywhere.

Microsoft 365 Teams Voice Migration

Communication is the lifeline of any business. The migration to Microsoft 365 Teams Voice signifies a move towards integrated and collaborative communication tools. Enhance your team’s ability to connect, share, and innovate with this migration.

Microsoft 365 Licensing Assessment

Optimizing your Microsoft 365 licensing is a strategic move for cost efficiency and ensuring that your team has access to the right tools. Conducting a licensing assessment ensures you’re getting the most value from your investment.

Infrastructure Hosting on Azure and AWS Cloud

Embracing cloud infrastructure hosting on platforms like Azure and AWS is a game-changer for scalability and flexibility. It allows businesses to leverage powerful computing resources without the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure.

Azure Network Configuration

Configuring your network on Azure opens the door to a world of possibilities. It facilitates efficient data flow, enhances security, and provides a foundation for future cloud-based initiatives.

Entra Device Management 

Device management in the cloud is a key aspect of modern IT. Entra Device Management ensures that your devices are secure, up-to-date, and in compliance with your organization’s policies, regardless of their location.

Are these projects on your organization’s horizon for 2024? What are your IT project predictions?

As we look ahead, the evolution of technology continues to accelerate. If any of these projects resonate with your business goals, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities and implement solutions tailored to your needs.

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